Lab #1

Part 1.

Personal Experiences

1. My sister left for England to study at the University of Newcastle.

2. I got laser eye surgery for a second time in three months.

3. One of my close friends admitted to having struggled with an eating disorder.

Current Events

1. The plans for the new train to the west island.

2. The amount of hateful graffiti being put up around town.

3. How Carey Price is keeping the Habs alive.

Broader Topics

1. Relationships between siblings

2. Eating disorders in children and adolescents

3. Medical malpractice that leads to complications.

Part 2.

Interesting links (focusing on relationships between siblings):  (great article)

I’m really interested in this topic and there is a lot of articles and research on it available. As well, it stems from my personal experience of the difference between how I reacted and dealt with my brother leaving for university and my sister leaving for university.


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