Lab #6

Step One

My program of study contains general social science classes that focus specifically on children and their development.

Step Two

This topic would appeal to a broad audience because it focuses on family and how your gender may affect what kind of relationship you form with them.

Step Three

Families online magazine 

Family Circle

Parents Canada

Step Four

It was only 10 am but the sun was already shinning, beating down on my face and making a trickle of sweat fall down the back of my neck. The feel of the cool, damp grass on the back of my legs was a sweet relief in contrast to the stuffy, humid air that made everyone trying to breathe feel like they had asthma. I sat under the shade of a tree, tearing grass from the ground as I watched the proceedings occurring on the driveway. Our black SUV sat in the driveway with every door open on it, including the trunk. This had two purposes to it; to air out the hot stuffy car and to have access to every possible space in the vehicle to pack my brothers bags in. The rest of the family was in a rush due to the fact that we meandered our way through breakfast. I could still taste the syrup in my mouth and the smell of french toast lingered in the air. I sighed and leaned back on my elbows to observe some more. I could feel aunts crawling over my legs but I made no move to wipe them away, basking in my calmness and relaxed demeanor. I was brought out of my musing by the sound of the car doors slamming. I pulled myself off of the ground, wipe the dirt off my butt, and walked over to join the rest of my family. I met my brothers gaze, a face that resembles my own almost identically, and wished him good luck in Florida.

Step Five 

The car murmured as my sister drove at a comfortable pace for this time of year. It was just before noon on a cold January day, and the roads were covered with a fine layer of snow we received last night. The sun was blazing, it’s rays reflecting off of the snow. I had forgotten my sunglasses and blamed my tears on the blinding light, but my sister and I both knew that wasn’t the truth. The radio was set to my favorite station, but I didn’t feel like paying any attention to it, much less sing along like I normally would. It simply played in the background, wiping out the silence that surrounded us. I stared out of my window, watching the scenery fly by, bringing us closer to our destination. Neither of us said a word, not sure how to say goodbye to each other, even if just temporarily. As she pulled into the train station and put the car into park we both say there. The silence more deafening in this moment then it had been the entire drive. We both waited for the other one to say something.

Step Six

Abstract Concepts:  love, comfort, despair

Love is like a headache because when you have one, you feel it all the time and can’t ignore it.

Comfort is like having a warm blanket wrapped around you when you’re cold because you feel it everywhere and it makes everything better.

Despair is like drowning because you know how to make everything better but there’s nothing you can do.




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