Lab #8

Part One

1. Are siblings of the same gender more inclined to have a closer relationship?

  • Does gender affect the relationship between siblings?
  • Do other factors affect them such as age gap?
  • Do the relationships we have when were young, effect who we are as adults?
  • Are we born with our personality or is it derived from our experiences and our relationships?
  • Can we change who we are?

Part Two and Three

  1. Brother leaving for University
  2. Sister leaving for University
  3. The house atmosphere after their departure
  4. Common sibling experiences that everyone with a sibling can relate too (fights, moments of togetherness, etc…)

Part Four

1. Opening:
a. I will open by contrasting the two different reactions that I had towards my brother and my sister leaving for University.
2. “Nut Graph”:
a. I am going to relate this back to gender and if it affects our relationships and how these early relationships can effect us as adults later in life.
3. Sub-argument #1:
a. That gender affects the quality of relationship between siblings.
b. I will contrast the relationship I have with my brother to the one I have with my sister and their departure for University as an anecdote.
c. Might be illuminating to talk about my interviewees response to whether or not she wishes she had a sister and how she thinks this might have changed her life.
d. I will be using research that shows that siblings of the same gender are more likely to develop relationships with more warmth and intimacy however this research also shows that the closer the same gender siblings are in age the more likely they are to be competitive with each other especially throughout adolescence.
e. This will lead into my next point that the age gap between siblings has an effect on the relationship.
4. Sub-argument #2: Same criteria as above.
5. Sub-argument #3: Same criteria as above
6. Sub-argument #4: Same criteria as above
7. (repeat for as many sub-arguments as you have)
8. Ending: Will you refer back to your beginning? How? How will you close off on
a satisfying note?


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