Lab #10

Although I’ve uncovered possible reasons for the animosity between my brother and I, I still don’t know how to resolve it. At our age, our personalities are very ingrained and changing them would be difficult. But I think it’s worth the effort because siblings are the only ones who can commiserate with you about your childhood. A tough divorce; your siblings went through it as well. Strict parents; your sibling learned how to break the same rules as you. A death in the family; your sibling grieved as you did. And while we will make new families, that doesn’t mean that the old one should be forgotten. I know that my brother will always be involved in my life and not because he has to be, but because I want him to be. He has taught me how to fight and stand up for myself, as well as how to back down and admit defeat. “Having a brother has toughened me up; I’m strong physically and emotionally because of it”. I’ve now realized that while my sister has been beside me supporting me throughout life, my brother has been behind me, pushing me and making sure I’m strong enough to deal with what will come in the future.


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