Lab #11

Part One

  • Can Siblings Change your Personality?
  • Birth Order and Brains
  • Thanks Sis! How Siblings have effected your personality
  • Being First Born Makes You Smarter
  • How to Blame your Faults on your Siblings
  • It’s All my Brother’s Fault
  • The Sibling Effect
  • Sibling Symmetry
  • Does your Birth Order Change who you are?
  • Sibling Rivalry: Why do we fight?

Part Two

Middle children are often flexible and understanding, nevertheless they are known to be quite competitive (Gross). They often feel that they don’t receive much attention from their family and they will create a close circle of friends to make up for this (Gross). They are often found in careers that involve negotiation because in these types of jobs they also receive the attention that their family didn’t give them enough of (Gross).

The last born child is typically the one getting all of the attention the middle child lacks, usually because they are outgoing, manipulative, fun-loving, self-centered, attention seeking, and uncomplicated (Voo). They are often considered to be free spirits because of the parents more relaxed attitude that is common once they’ve had multiple children (Voo). Youngest children are often quite independent because parents tend to give them more freedom (Gross). They have a lot of charm and are considered quite likeable, therefore it’s not surprising that youngest children are often found in the entertainment industry, working as actors or comedians (Gross). Youngest children truly feel secure and supported within their home because parents often make them feel special and spoil them (Gross).



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