Hi! My name is Riley Jean Eccles, and I’m an eighteen year old student at Dawson College in the Child Studies program. I belong to a family of five and i’m the youngest of three children. My older sister Cayleigh is twenty-two and studying at the University of Newcastle in England and my older brother Corey is twenty and studying at Utah Valley University in the United States. My parents met when they were in high school and have been happily married for twenty six years now. I was born and grew up in the West Island, specifically on the island of Ile-Bizard. This is a small island with only one bridge to get on and get off the island but it’s a very safe neighborhood to grow up in and everyone knows each other and looks out for one another. Growing up in a safe environment like this has made me a very trusting person. I enjoy spending my free time (and there isn’t much with school and work) at the gym, reading or watching TV. I also enjoy spending time with my family, both in person and over face time with my siblings. I would consider myself to be an honest, active, stubborn,  and kind person. My goals for the future are to become an elementary school teacher and move somewhere warm and sunny.


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