1. My program involves general social science classes, along with concentration classes that focus particularly on children, their psychology, education and family.
  2. This article will focus on sibling relationships, how they affect us growing up and in adulthood and how they develop between different siblings.
  3. To open up my article, I will be comparing the different emotions I had towards my brother’s departure for university in a different country versus that of my sister’s.
  4. I think this topic would appeal to a broad audience because many people have siblings and whether or not you have a good relationship with them or a poor one, this relationship has still effected you in some way. This article will help people understand what aspects could have effected their relationships with their siblings and how these relationships have changed who they are as adults.
  5. This topic is related to my field of study because we focus on children and a large part of childhood involves your siblings and your relationship with them. As well, we look into children psychology and how events in childhood can affect you as an adult which will also be something my article will look into.
  6. My article could be published to the website Thriving Family, because this website features articles about the family and children which are the two main topics of my own article. Link:
  7. Basically what I want this article to talk about is why some siblings forge good relationships and others don’t. I want to look in to the possible reasons why people don’t have good relationships with their siblings, could it be because they’re close in age or far apart in age, could it be because they’re both girls or a boy and a girl, etc… I want to look into the birth order of children and if that has any effect on the child’s personality and their relationship with their siblings. Do younger children get along better with their middle sibling or their oldest sibling? I also want to look into the effects of sibling relationships and how having a good or bar relationship with them can affect you as an adult. What I’m concerned about for this article is that it’s too broad a topic. There are just so many aspects of sibling relationships that I find interesting and I don’t want to narrow it down but I feel like it might be best if I do. So far I’ve found a lot of articles about sibling relationships but I’m hoping to find some scholarly articles as well with actual studies. I hope to get out of this project a greater understanding as to why my brother and I don’t get along and maybe advice on how to change our relationship into a healthier and happier one.
Who I Might Interview Places I Might Visit
-Classmates (with different number of siblings, some oldest, some youngest, some middle child, etc…) -Daycare center

-Elementary school

-After-school care facility

-Mothers -Group home
-Elementary school teachers



One comment

  1. commanderjeffgandell · March 1, 2015

    Riley, your partial first draft is very well written and brings up a lot of interesting questions. These questions can lead you to some very productive territory. I agree with what you say in your proposal that, as it stands, your topic is still too broad. You mention a number of issues/questions in number 7 of your proposal (effect of age difference, gender distribution, birth order, etc.). I think any one of these could make an interesting topic for a paper. That could be one way to make your topic more narrow. Focus on one of these issues that you bring up. You’ll need to focus on one aspect of the sibling relationship that you want to talk about it. You can’t talk about sibling relationships in general, as you state.

    One question comes to mind about your draft. You question why you were happy when your brother left and devastated when your sister left. But, you describe your brother as arrogant and rude, and you not getting along with him on most days. So, isn’t that the answer to your question? Or, are you suggesting that there’s some predisposition to feel a certain way toward your brother vs. your sister because of age, gender, etc.? Again, you can hone in on one factor that might have affected your relationships with your siblings.

    This topic is very interesting because it’s so human, and because it focuses on the things that are most important to all of us: close relationships, family, the people we love, etc. Your writing voice is sensitive and engaging. I foresee that you will write a great feature article. If you can land on a specific aspect of this issue to discuss, you’ll be working in some very productive territory. Great work so far.



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